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lion motif
large image Aga
This large panel of mixed blue delft tiles behind a large stove, has alternate medium and small traditional Delft designs as well as individual custom tiles created especially for the client. Subjects such as house facades and ornamental features, elements from a coat of arms, pets and other favourite animals can be adapted to match the Delft style to add a personal touch.
Installations. Examples of some recent layouts and configurations
This panel of mixed blue Delft tiles behind an Aga shows how the small and medium designs can be used with plain tiles and 'corners only' decorations. The mixed white antique glazes are shown off to great effect with this approach, giving a subtle aged look which works very well with a more traditional or farmhouse style kitchen.
This bespoke panel for a covered patio in Northern Italy was developed from the clients design ideas and colour choice. it was painted onto a warm white glaze on hand-made six inch tiles. Although Italy is famous for tile production, it is difficult to find an approach that meets such individual requests. Bespoke panels and custom made installations are a speciality of the Douglas Watson Studio.
Our tiles have been used in a wide variety of styles of fireplaces, from children's bedrooms to Jacobean entrance halls and Georgian drawing rooms. The 'childrens games' series shown above is a popular and traditional choice and the Aesops Alphabet series (shown right) both work very well with the small cast iron fireplace. Our hand made Delft tiles, either in blue or manganese work particularly well in most situations. As many fireplaces are different sizes we specialise in making and cutting tiles for a balanced installation and perfect fit.
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This shows a simple panel of tiles designed as a splashback behind a sink, with a moulded relief border and a line decoration, emphasising the soft white glaze and natural look of the hand made tiles.
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Above, a collection of our Polychrome tiles mixed with plain ones with corners as a splashback for an Aga stove.
Aga splashback

"Aesops Alphabet' tiles set within our plain white, crackle tiles.

As all our pieces are individually made for you, alcoves and special edges and other features can be made to fit seamlessly into the whole scheme of your project.

living room scene
This fireplace shows Delft tiles in a traditional setting showing how they pefectly compliment and enhance their surroundings.
rumsey pool
We painted these large and fully bespoke panels depicting a series of Birds of Paradise for a client's indoor swimming pool.

More examples of Delft schemes

'Brick' tiles used to tile a large kitchen. In white they create a clean and understated finish.
We made these tiles for a recent client to fit perfectly with her marine themed bathroom. On our 'Scallop' tiles we used a fluid lookoing glaze to add to the 'watery' effect.
shower tiles
This stunning shower uses an effective mix of our black, metallic and red glazes.