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I am so thrilled with the game bird tiles, they are absolutely fantastic and my husband is also delighted. They are even better than we could have hoped for. I now can't wait for them to go up so the builder has been told to find a GOOD tiler as quickly as possible.

Again, many, many thanks for such a work of art. we couldn't be more pleased and I'm already looking forward to years spent at the Aga!

With all good wishes,

We are delighted with our new tiles, and with how dainty and special they make the bathroom look - it's a real transformation and we're just sorry we couldn't ask for any more of them.

N.L & M

As a perfectionist I rarely encounter what I consider to be a "perfect job", however, the tiles you sent me were perfect in every respect. The artwork, colours, antiquing and variation of finish were superb. I don't believe anyone could have done a better job; hats off to you and your staff.

M.S. San Fransisco. USA

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