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Behind the scenes at the studio

Here are a few images of life behind the scenes at the studio, creating individual work for all of our clients.

Each of our tiles are individually handmade, begining with blocks of raw, wet clay to finally hand-glazing and hand painting each one. From begining to end it takes up to 7 different processes to produce every tile.

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Raw clay are fed into our extruding machine which also removes all the air, then, one by one, each tile is cut to size by hand and stacked to dry. The drying process takes a minimum of three weeks before each tile can be processed and prepared for a biscuit firing. After this, they are ready to be hand glazed and painted. Then, they are fired for a second time to create your finished tiles.

All the tiles for your order will be made this way, individually and just for you. No two orders are the same and are uniquely yours.